From those who know and have worked with David personally....

D. F., Adult abused as a child

What I most admire about David is his genuine warmth and honesty. He is never afraid to voice his own inadequacies and inner struggles; this has always provided an opening for dialogue between us.

David taught me that I have to accept myself as I am before I can begin to become the person I desire to be.

Working with David is a rich, soul-satisfying experience. He is confident, fair and insightful, one of the most gentle, loving and honest people I know.

I feel comfortable saying nothing at all when we are together.

I feel safe when I am with David. I know that nothing I share will be used to hurt me. He is gentle, kind and firmly persistent. David's gentle persistence convinced me I needed to seek help for the childhood abuse I suffered. This was one of the first steps I took in my journey to wholeness.

David encourages me to grow without pressuring me. He challenges my behavior, not my self-worth.

David has experience in dealing with people with all of their masks and is not taken by appearances. His power comes from his ability to relate to me rather than from any pretense that he is better than me.

David's honesty and directness powerfully elicit honesty in response.

David has the gift of true compassion, empathy rather than sympathy.

From those who know and have worked with David personally....

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